Laura is a native of northern Virginia. She is a retired mother living in eastern tennessee and has a deep love for art, writing, her children and her furbabies.



Lollie is a native texan who moved to East tennessee in 2016, where she now resides. a family first kind of mom, she is now pursuing her lifelong dream of being a writer.


We have both been through some unimaginable parallels in life. We have always agreed that God dosen't bring you through things, so at the end of the day you can just wipe your forehead and say " whew! That was tough." You either teach others to help them see the light at the end of their own darkness, or you live in therapy forever. We both brought a lot of ourselves into this book, thus healing, educating, and hopefully creating a story/awareness. I don't think, at book 1, either of us are prepared to share our own stories.... to be honest, I'm not even sure that book 4 would even make us go back there because of our growth and the fact that the trauma dosen't define us, rather built us. If you do decide to read it, just realize some of the details are for educational reasons. It's a God thing for she and I in manyy ways. A way for healing, educating and hopefully telling a gripping story line.

Jeffrey Dahmer kept skulls and bones from his victims as souvenirs to make and alter.