Synonyms: Warfare, havoc, bloodshed, blitz, homicide, and extermination. The slaughter of a great number of people as in battle, butchery, and massacre. Great damage, utter defeat, or chaos.

Carnage, the third in the Personas series continues the crazy thriller ride of twists and completely unexpected turns. The saga of Ian Trahan and Magda Volkov will take you into so many uncharted thought provoking turns when Voodoo enters this already bizarre scene. Stocked with a full serving of unforgettable truths within the fiction, you'll be glad you climbed aboard this brilliant bandwagon! If you're a gore gobbler, fix yourself a good helping!

In The Shadows: by Laurie Dean

Within the brittle state of delusions, begins the gap of time where religion starts to clarify that crime is no longer a crime steely eyed and justified, they brazenly face the crowd denouncing judgement upon themselves, egotistical and proud conquering magical powers, conjuring up their dead where voodoo meets the carnage, zipping around in red when the deed is done by the chosen one, just who is to say? Watching from the shadows, as the chips fall where they may sharpened crafts and evil laughs, in pursuit of spiritual gain with power in the hidden realms, ignoring your disdain.