Noun: the killing of a large number of people.

Synonyms: Warfare, havoc, bloodshed, blitz, homicide, and extermination. The slaughter of a great number of people as in battle, butchery, and massacre. Great damage, utter defeat, or chaos.

Book three in this captivating series, only intensifies in the legacy of his maniacal plans, as Ian Trahan forges on with his quest to understand the truth of Nature vs Nurture. Little does he know, as he delves into the world of mental capacities, at first to understand his nemesis Magda Volkov, but he quickly realizes the power that evolves into other realms that he never conceived were possible. When a Voudun tribe unexpectedly treads his plans with an agenda of their own, it escalates into a perplexing heightened path of terror and truths that will certainly leave you on the edge of fear and desire. 

Keep an eye out for Reckoning, you will not want to miss the conclusion of this fantastical journey of Ian Trahan's travels.

In The Shadows: by Laurie Dean

Within the brittle state of delusions

begins the gap of time, where religion starts to clarify,

that crime is no longer a crime.

Steely eyed and justified, they brazenly face the crowd

denouncing judgement upon themselves, egotistical and proud.

Conquering magical powers, conjuring up their dead

where voodoo meets the carnage, zipping around in red.

when the deed is done by the chosen one, just who is to say?

Watching from the shadows, as the chips fall where they may

sharpened crafts and evil laughs, in pursuit of spiritual gain

with power in the hidden realms, ignoring your disdain.