PTSD is real! And it not only comes from the war, it can happen in a volatile relationship as well. Laura and I both are afflicted from past poor decisions in relationships. I can assure you that when I hit my 50's life was just beginning with my own grandchildren, my own freedom, finally, and learning the ins and outs of computers and hacking was never something I even considered! But when you are getting text messages about what you just said in the privacy of your own home, or "that's your third beer, don't you think you've had enough?" Brother, let me tell ya, that kind of mental invasion will mess you UP! Prior to that time in my life, I had NEVER been a woman who would allow anyone to control me with fear, and I ain't gonna lie, it did just that, but only for a minute...okay about four years, but look how it turned into a positive! One of the scariest things about Ian Trahan is his computer hacking skills, how he watches and plans behind the scenes, how he knows your schedule, when to come and when to strike. His crazy violence was inspired from Laura's ex-husband. I'm pretty proud of us, I ain't gonna lie. We could have easily remained timid, frightened victims, but we didn't. I had been wanting to write a book about my experience for a couple of years, TO WARN WOMEN!! But every time I tried to sit and hash through the journals I had kept, it was just too much, and I was looking to move forward, not get sucked back into that spiral of paranoid terror and keeping my head on swivel. So when Laura had the idea for a serial killer who could maneuver DNA for his own devious desires, the idea alone was brilliant...but being able to combine it all for such a terror filled, twenty-first century, true to life character was just what the doctor ordered! Talk about being able to use our experiences, being able to explain it in a way that we could actually comprehend, to merely relate what we KNEW... was healing, y'all! We didn't come this far just to come this far! Everything happens for a reason, or at least you can find a reason to use what happened and use it for a positive spin on your own life. I may not be completely fear free, but by golly I don't live next to my curtains anymore, looking at each car that passes, watching license plates going down the road. Okay, maybe I do still do look at license plates, but baby steps, right? I'm still getting counseling and still working on things, but until you've been hunted by another human being, you just can't possibly know. You just can't! Neither of us have a desire to ever have another relationship, which is sad, really. I loved being a wife, personally. I just learned that I can't trust my own judgement. I guess that's really where the rubber meets the road. But there are joys to being single! No drama, cook when you want to cook, come and go as you please and the toilet seat is ALWAYS DOWN! I can't wait to hear your feedback on Unraveling, it's so enthralling and I've finally gotten to use the material that I had learned, to explain how someone can and will watch every move you make when they take a fancy to do so, and even more so, explain the other side of the coin...poor Magda, she's such a trooper though! Hahaha Today is December 3rd and we are expecting to have it on Amazon within a week or two. Thank God for Laura's skills in that department because I'm useless when it comes to things like that. We'll keep you posted! Thanks for all of your support and belief in us two old grandmas.


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