Authors are Real People

Maybe it's because I'm middle aged, but it annoys me when people look at famous folks as something special. I mean, sure, I admire qualities in plenty of my friends and neighbors, but we are all just people. I passed up a music career when I was in my early twenties because I just plain don't want to be famous. I just wanted to be the 'out of site song writer' who made the money, but could still go to garage sales and thrift stores without recognition. Me and Laura are both private people, the kind, that if you show up uninvited or unannounced, we'll just peek out the window and go back to what we were doing. I find that there are a lot of people like us. There's just so much drama and crap out there now days that sometimes you just gotta get in your bubble and recharge. Writing this series of books kind of came about as a fluke. Long story short, (which is difficult for me in general so it very well may not happen!) I was dealing with PTSD from a psycho cyber stalker and had been purposely cooped up in fear for almost 3 years. After a lot of encouragement from my worried son, whom I lived with at that time, I began to look for things to do, (mind you, I was the queen of "do" his entire 35 years of life prior to my last shit show marriage!) that was still in my acceptable comfort zone...after becoming acquainted with Laura, I started her art class, and by golly, you talk about a God send for my mental stability! Being able to focus on something other than, "when is the next time 'he' is going to find me", was just what the doctor ordered. We became quick friends, discovering that, not only did we have a lot in common, but our crazy ass lives were almost parallelly lived! Both having dealt with crazy relationships, we totally understood and accepted one another's "I need to be alone today" moments. Well, back to how Personas began...we went to play Bingo one evening and on the way home, discovering yet another commonality, we began to talk about the writing we had always loved and the various capacities of how it applied in our lives. She began to share an idea for a book that she had thought about years ago. As an avid Serial Killer follower, (not like writing letters and shit, just the fascination, so calm down.) she had thought about how cool it would be if they came out with a book or movie about a Serial Killer planting the DNA of other serial killers. As we ran this back and forth, we parted ways for the evening. I couldn't think of anything else but her idea that entire night, to be honest, so I called her the next day and said, "Let's write that damn book!" (see how that began as a plural?) She was ecstatic and completely on board. But as we got together and began to brain storm, each of us wanting to implement our own experiences for healing purposes, like narcissisms, cyber stalking (okay, maybe just maybe, that did include killing off our exes in the storyline!) we started writing all of it down, but the story grew! And grew! So now came the decision making are we possibly going to manage putting this entire story line in a single novel...the answer, obviously, was that we could not. Thus, the Personas Series.

Has this been a happy go lucky, problem free, y'all are more different than anyone else in the world, moment? Oh...Hell...NO! As much as we have in common, we also have just as much of our own differences. When I say that we have fought, no, it's not come to literal blows...but we are women...we do have hormones...we both have PTSD...we have different ideals about a lot of things. But I'm grateful that, in spite of those really really deep emotional scars, that we truly do love one another as sisters, we have each worked very hard to be mature and proceed with this journey...because it's important. Not out of a desire to be famous, hell, not even out of desire to be filthy rich. But deep within both of us, is a desire to leave a legacy for our kids and grandkids. And ya...getting out of poverty and actually being able to afford a decent health insurance that will pay for the specialists we need to see...that's as honest of an assessment as I can give you. We're just real folks. But we honestly do hope that you love our creation as much as we do! I ain't gonna lie, I'm a way bigger tit, and yes I have cried over some of our character's situations. (Laura: Laughs as I'm sobbing on the are aware that we made this up and Rosa Lopez is not a real person?) But I'm pretty damn sure that people are going to LOVE how her story ends...just saying!

And please, let me add this...we would both love to meet each and every one of you, (unless you are a serial killer who likes to kill authors who write about serial killers!) But just remember...if you're excited about the book, seeing our characters as we do, we will be so excited to discuss it with you...but just please realize that we are regular folks, and approaching with expectations of meeting super humans or some shit like gonna make things really awkward. Just sayin.

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