Book two is on Amazon

Y'all, I've never been one to toot my own horn, I'm a truly humble person and always have been. But I have to pat us on the back for this one! We began Unraveling in August and was able to have it published on Amazon in just over three months. It's not even a pride thing, really, it's so surreal to be honest. Two grandmothers meeting and became immediate friends, two months later decided to write a book. We not only finished our first novel, Personas, but we started our own publishing company, Dark Legacy Publishing, with help from our amazing friend, Natasha McBee, started this website, did a book trailer and began the second in the four-part series, finishing in time for Christmas, publishing two novels in the same year! We can't stop saying wow! There was so much to learn the first go round, so this time we didn't have the headaches that we did with Personas. I'm so proud of Laura, she did all the typesetting, book cover prep (that was huge) using Canva and did all the uploading. No way I would have been able to do that! She would try to explain some of that crap to me and I would just give her a look, like...hahaha, um ya no. So now it looks as if we are ready for a literary agent! We didn't want to approach someone with just one book in a series, being nobodies in the industry. But I have to say, we both have felt this positive swirl of energy and are looking forward to what 2021's gonna be great! The Universe said so!

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