Revenge of a busy toddler

I'm not a conceited woman, but I am vain. That's just being honest. I think everyone is vain, or they should be...but then we wouldn't have the enjoyment of the "People of Wal-Mart" photos to laugh at. I never go in public with pajamas and I at least put on a little make up and do something with my hair. It's just how I was raised. So when I kept my granddaughter this weekend, she evidently got a tad bit aggravated with me for making her be still long enough to get a "good" picture to post on Facebook. "No, come back and take another picture, I have a double chin in this one. Wait, that one isn't good either. Oh my gosh my eyes look too squinty, Okay, this is a good one, now you can go back to playing." So, I'm guessing this probably happened at least a dozen times and of course I completely ignored her sighs and eye rolls. (Yes, she is only three and is quite fluent in teenagerism.) I'm old and half broken down, so by the end of the night when she crashed out at a very early 8:30pm, I was ecstatic in an exhausted kind of way. Because if you have ever been around a toddler, you are fully aware of how much destruction they can cause to a house all by themselves, especially with new Christmas toys. And God forbid if you have to go to the bathroom or are in need of a shower; the creative things they can come up with in that short span of time is shocking, but that's another blog. So, to get to the point, just as I was about to go and have a shower, guess who wakes up? Yes...wide...WIDE awake!! And that little power nap fueled a full blast play fest that lasted until 1:00am!! I...was...whooped! I finally got her to at least be still with me on the couch by letting her watch videos of herself and her little friend so I could at least rest my eyes, when she, herself, finally went to sleep. I brought her home the next day and after I finally got my house looking a little more normal I just sat! I was texting a friend and went to my gallery to send a photo when I found one I was completely unaware of...that my THREE-YEAR-OLD granddaughter took! She had to have clicked off of the videos she was watching and go to the camera. The smirk on her face says it all. I look like some kind of drunken Oompa Loompa and she actually looks happy about that!! Putting vanity aside for the humor that it captured, I just had to share. Who looks good sleeping anyway? At least my mouth was closed!

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