A story by Laura...I have always been an avid(😁) follower of serial killers. True crime. Horror movies..etc. You know the deal. The adrenaline of being scared was fun to me.. Give me a haunted house tho.. And I'm running.. Away. I'm sure people will ask us why we choose to write about serial killers, murders, horror.. well.. Ask any writer.. And they'll say write what you know. Personas Series is based on a fictional character who was created by Laura Lollie. He is comprised of all of our fears, ideas, sense of humor, and mischievousness... The other characters are our compassion, dread, anxiety, love of human nature.. And a bit of paranormal discovery. This series is not for everyone. But it is for the ones that are indeed in search of a thrill ride with plenty of twists and turns. So if you choose to dive in...turn your lights on, lock your doors and pour yourself a glass of cabernet.❤️👠🍷

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Lollie's First Blog: BAMBOOZLED Ya'll, I gotta say that when Personas first was released, I was so shocked to see that our first review was a 1 star and the reader's comment was even lower! We had a l

Lollie's Life

I grew up dirt poor in a small town in Texas. As the youngest of six kids, in a three bedroom, one bath house, the only thing that saved my internal organs was the fact that four of my older siblings

Authors are Real People

Maybe it's because I'm middle aged, but it annoys me when people look at famous folks as something special. I mean, sure, I admire qualities in plenty of my friends and neighbors, but we are all just

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