When you read the science and storyline in Personas, it's not hard to see that Laura and I can really utilize our smarts. But on the daily, it is the polar opposite, like it amazes both of us at times how awesome this book is because we are the most scatter brained, disorganized and forgetful ladies! If we want to make one another truly laugh, we will usually start the sentence with, "Could you help me remember to....."

The perfect example happened today: Laura called after just having gotten off the phone with her sister who is in the middle of reading Unraveling. The conversation went something like this:

Laura: I talked to Lisa today and asked her where she was on the book and she said, Rudy just died. I was so embarrassed because I couldn't even remember a Rudy in the book at all!

Me:( Racking my brain...Rudy...Rudy...who the heck is Rudy??)

Laura: She laughed so hard, saying, "It's your book, y'all wrote it! How can you forget your own character?"

Me: (Rudy...Rudy...who the HELL is Rudy????)

Laura: She had to explain his role, THEN it came to me.

Me:( Waiting for her to explain his "role" so I, too, can remember who he is!)

Laura: She was surprised about the Uber driver...yada yada yada (don't want to give anything away)

Me: (OHHHH YEAHHHHH!! Now I remember who Rudy is...duh!)

Laura: (laughing) I was so embarrassed!

Me: Well, I have a confession to make...I'm the one who typed the damn thing, just listened to the entire book on "Word, Read Aloud" two days ago and I couldn't remember Rudy to save my life just now!!

The struggle is real!!

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