Verb: To separate or disentangle the threads of a woven or knitted fabric, in this case the unraveling of one's mind.


Synonyms: Untangle, unwind, untwist, unlay, unbraid, break, crack, resolve.

In book two of the Personas Series, prepare yourself for an even faster pace, thrill filled ride into the mind and crazed plans of Ian Trahan.  Magda Volkov, the clairvoyant FBI agent continues to follow her instincts.  Her director readily agrees that she needs a vacation to the Ukraine is to visit an old friend, when in fact there are more copycat murders of dead serial killers abroad.  Everything begins to Unravel when Ian learns she is there.  Another jaw dropping series of plot twists and new DNA techniques, bring this thought provoking series to an all new terrifying high.  You won't be able to put this one down so make plans accordingly.